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Maximize Your Sleep Efficiency

Everyone wants different things when it comes to sleep. Some people wish to have relaxing and deep slumbers, some people want to cut their downtime to the bare minimum, and some people want to sleep when they want to. Deeper and More Relaxing Sleep Tough times at the office or a hard day’s work can …

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working at a open office

Does an Open Space Layout Make Workers More Productive?

Open office plans are intended to encourage spontaneous collaboration among workers. They are designed to make workers communicate better and throw creative ideas at each other. Facebook’s MPK 20 building is a prime example of an open-space layout, which the social media company’s officials hailed as a “fun, collaborative creative space.” But there are many ways …

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A view of Melbourne at night, Victoria, Australia

Melbourne: Australia’s Culture Capital

Australia — affectionately tagged as Oceania’s land of Oz — is home to many progressive cities with scenic attractions and friendly residents. One particular example is Melbourne, which is named the most liveable city in the globe for a remarkable seven-year row. If you’re looking for a new city to explore or move to for …

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Stressed businesswoman

Why You Overreact to Your Own Mistakes

Giving up is the easiest thing to do. When you’re not 100% committed to your craft, every little mistake may feel like a hint that you should give up. There’s always room for doubt. Instead of just working toward your goals, you question your intentions. Even worse, you overreact to your mistakes, no matter how …

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